Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

As a pet owner, you know that you need to keep your pets healthy and happy. This means paying attention to their behavior and habits, feeding nutritional food, ensuring hydration, and scheduling pet vaccinations when necessary. These vaccines ensure your pet's protection against common ailments and help prevent your pet from potentially spreading deadly diseases. Vaccines are a crucial part of pet ownership, and at Canyon Pet Hospital, we encourage all pet owners in Las Vegas to bring their pets in for their scheduled vaccinations.


About Pet Vaccinations

For those people that are concerned about the cost of pet ownership, rest assured that while vaccines are important, pets typically need fewer vaccines as they age. The first several months of a dog or cat's life include more trips to the veterinarian for vaccinations to ensure they are protected against certain illnesses, including:

  • Rabies
  • Panleukopenia (Feline distemper)
  • Parvovirus
  • DHPP/Hepatitis
  • Rhinotracheitis (Feline herpesvirus type I)

However, our veterinarian may recommend other vaccinations based on your pet's lifestyle and risk factors. After the first four months or so, your pet will not need to receive vaccines quite as frequently. Often, dogs and cats only need annual vaccinations. Some vaccines, including the rabies vaccine, are required every three years for adult dogs and cats unless local laws mandate that the pets must receive the vaccine more frequently.

Get Your Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

It is always smart to talk to your veterinarian to ensure that your pet is protected. If you are unsure whether your pet still has immunity from a previous vaccination, our vet can perform a titer test to check. This may prevent you from giving your pet unnecessary vaccinations. Depending on your budget, it may be more cost-effective to simply inquire about low cost pet vaccinations rather than ordering the titer test. Note that there is no test available to check for rabies immunity.

For pet owners who are interested in saving money on pet vaccinations, there are options to combine veterinary services or take advantage of specials to decrease the impact on your wallet. Keeping your furry family member safe doesn’t have to break your budget. Veterinarians may work with you to provide options that ensure your pet is protected.

Learn More About Pet Vaccinations in Las Vegas, NV

If you have any questions about vaccine schedules or price inquiries, call our team at Canyon Pet Hospital today at 702-922-4444 to speak with Dr. Gill.


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